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Ceiling Inspection Hatch

  • Easy to install
  • Wide availability
  • Quality components
  • Weather tight design
  • Ideal for corrosive environments

Established in China, Biyang is your one-stop-shop of high-quality ceiling access panels.  Choose from our comprehensive catalog of durable, reliable, high-performance ceiling access hatch for all industrial and commercial applications.  With the fastest shipping time, you can get your hands on the products in swift time.

Ceiling Access Hatches are designed for specific applications and purposes.  A hatch on a ceiling is used for entry to ceiling and roof spaces to service and monitor various areas such as electrical plumbing, and air conditioning systems.  Designed and validated by highly-skilled engineers, these ceiling hatches can fit into any ceilings and walls of residential buildings.  Each type of door is manufactured with safety in mind: flush surfaces, easy-to-operate handles, and sturdy frames.  Knowing the purpose of the ceiling access door and where it will be located can help you pick the best choice.  It is essential to find the right location, proper size, and proper method of installation to ensure your ceiling hatch will serve you its intended purpose.

These ceiling access hatches are available in fully assembled form so that our customers do not need to organize all the parts together.  Features a polycarbonate, metal ceiling access panel, an easy one-hand operation.  Available in all standard ceiling hatches sizes and custom access panels.  Insulated ceiling hatches provide safe, reliable and fall-proof protection for the main restraints and other components.  The plastic access panel is designed for corrosive environments.

We have over two decades of expertise in manufacturing products for construction needs.  Inside our big doors is a day-to-day commitment to building our products based on service, quality, and innovation because we all share the same passion for simple, safe and comfortable driving experience.

  • We are partners with many of the world’s renowned brands
  • We have experienced technical team that can provide in-depth knowledge for different makes and models
  • We have customer-friendly staff, strictly implementing quality control points with a mission to make customers satisfied
  • We have the fastest shipping system
  • We have a straightforward pricing policy, guaranteed no hidden fees or charges

As a manufacturer of access panel in China, we have over a comprehensive catalog that covers many commercial and industrial application from a wide variety of first-rate manufacturers.  We pride ourselves on a decade-long service of providing the top of the access panels, world-class customer service and an unbeatable warranty guarantee.  We have a 15,000 sq. ft., fully-equipped technologies and designated R&D department.  Our factory-trained technicians specialize in production as well as factory-inspection services.

At our core, the success of our customers is our success, and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of high-quality products and services for decades.  Our factory – trained technicians specialize in factory inspections that ensure that our products are in top condition.  As a manufacturer of ceiling panel, we have an extensive catalogue that covers all aspects of construction needs, from the design, and manufacturing process, up to final assembly.

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ProductCeiling Inspection Hatch
Size60x60cm, 80x80cm, 100*100cm, or customized as required
MaterialAluminum sheet, galvanized Steel, stainless steel
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