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Butterfly Damper

  • Customizable
  • Leak resistant
  • Durably constructed
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures

Considered as a household ductwork manufacturer name, Biyang has been leading in China’s market for over 10 years now and counting.  Having the real passion of helping consumers in their HVAC system nuisances, Biyang consistently provides air system products that generate solid solutions.

The damper is a vital part of any given air circulation system.  Offers a superior functionality compared to old designs of fan control systems, dampers allow a more accurate directional airflow.  It also keeps the interior of property away from harmful gasses and contaminated air, keeping only the fine quality to circulated inside the establishment or home.

HVAC Dampers can be fabricated in different shapes using different materials for varieties of application requirements.  Types of steels including galvanized, carbonized, and/or stainless are commonly used.  Examples of damper being used in different applications are the blade dampers which are classified into two types: parallel dampers and opposed blade damper, and the other is the butterfly dampers.  Biyang’s butterfly dampers are lighter and cheaper than the blade-style dampers and only have one slat, which contrasts the configuration of louvered style dampers with multi-slat.  The butterfly dampers work as the circular metal piece rotates which opens and closes to start and stop the flow of air.

Unlike other traditional HVAC manufacturers, Biyang butterfly dampers are made to feature different sizes and shapes including round, square or rectangular blades suiting for all kinds of HVAC air handling systems.  Durably constructed using 100% raw materials with high-temperature tolerance up to 2000°F making it an effective volume damper HVAC component for safety applications including fire prevention and other environmental compliances.  Biyang offers top-notch butterfly dampers at highly competitive pricing.  All other products are strictly manufactured inside our facilities to preserve quality until received.

Our butterfly dampers are manufactured intended to be of use to HVAC systems of different commercial and industrials establishment that requires durable dampers that can handle extreme heat.  From strictly chosen materials to product design and engineering, we ensure that our butterfly dampers are made to resist and withstand thermal stress.

Quality is the backbone of the company when producing products.  We take consideration of many factors of different application requirements where our butterfly damper will be used.  That is why we also offer custom made products.  This to entertain unique ideas from consumers from around the globe.  This also enables our product line to be more comprehensive, which will benefit both the company and future clients.

Enjoying the fast phase of HVAC industry demands, we equipped ourselves with several production facilities, including lines of flexible duct, metal ducting, duct fittings, air diffuser and access panel.  This is to enable us to mass produce products to entertain huge projects overseas that require swift installation.  To keep in track manufacturing processes, we employed ourselves with the best engineers and staff to keep watch every single step of fabrication ensuring the quality of butterfly dampers and other air system products are compliant to the company’s stringent standards.

Free assessment and order quotations are provided by Biyang.  Get the best butterfly damper price on one of the industry’s finest damper manufacturers. Call now!

ProductButterfly Damper
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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