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Black Flexible Ducting

  • Highly resistant to extreme heat
  • Built to generate maximum durability
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy to use

Biyang is a globally recognized flexible duct manufacturer that has been on service for many years in China.  We provide cost-efficient, effective products for major HVAC systems.  Whether for residential HVAC or commercial HVAC system, Biyang has it all.  Passionate to be on top of the insulation industry, we at Biyang together with our team of engineers and technical staff are working tirelessly and invested in unending research and product development to provide you innovative industrial insulation solutions.

Indoor air quality has been a necessary need for many industries today.  The flexible ducts also called the “flex” are an important part of the HVAC system that contributes to how the quality of air supply and ventilation will be.  The flexible duct function is to connect the cooling and heating system ductwork to the air distribution.

Flexible ductwork can be seen constructed by different materials such as aluminium foil, PVC, stainless, silicone, polyurethane, and many more.  Different types of materials are used and give unique benefits for different applications.

Biyang insulation solutions cover different flexible ductwork for many applications.  Regardless of type, we ensure every product under our name will not disappoint.  Our black flexible duct is painstakingly manufactured to perform at its best at all times and is recommended for industrial air movement applications.

Our black flexible ducting can withstand extreme thermal stress up to 180°F in temperatures.  Layered by 2 foils and steel wire helix to keep the duct in shape.  Expertly designed to prevent leaks and keep the ventilation free from rips and holes.  The product’s design is guaranteed to reduce the noise from fans and filter systems.  This black ductwork features effective flexibility that makes the product easy to install for different variety of applications.

Our black ductwork is commonly used and recommended to be applied to several applications such as: kitchen vent hood, the HVAC system of airlines, dryers, indoor gardens, grow tents, bathroom exhausts.  Even with its wide scope of product applications, black HVAC ducts are not recommended to be used for some.  This flexible duct is not advised to be used for portable AC applications and as a portable vacuum.

Aside from our black ductwork, Biyang also offers other flexible ducts for different industrial applications, including stainless steel flexible duct, acoustic ducting, skylight ducting, clothes dryer transition duct and all R values insulated flexible duct.  All our products are manufactured inside our certified production factory.  Regardless of the type of flexible ducts, you are certain to receive second to none quality of products.  Also, we implement strict individual product evaluation before shipment to ensure that our products are ready for real-world application before leaving the factory.

For your air distribution, ventilation, and HVAC needs, Biyang is a manufacturing brand you can put your trust into.  Call us now and get the best deals of flexible ducts here at Biyang.

ProductBlack Flexible Ducting
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25
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