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Balancing Damper

  • Energy saver
  • Durably built
  • Heat resistant
  • Quick and easy to install

Biyang has been a leading damper manufacturer for over 10 years now.  Our product is appreciated not only in China but also in many places abroad.  Also, varieties of our ventilation ducts, HVAC duct fittings, and diffusers have been used to over 1,000 high profile projects outside the country.  Dedicated to supplying the HVAC industry with top-notch air system products, we at Biyang equipped our facilities with only the best tools and machines.

In the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system, a HVAC damper is distinguished as a valve or plate that regulates the flow of air inside a specific property.  Dampers can also be used to cut off the air supply to unmanned rooms or properly distribute the airflow to the numbers of rooms at the same time.  Given different applications where the HVAC system can be installed, damper also comes in many designs, classification, and sizes to suit each different application requirement.  One of them is balancing damper.  Biyang balancing damper’s main function is just as good as its name suggests.  It is used to ensure connected rooms have a balance airflow pressure.  Pressure imbalances make heating or cooling rooms hard, which can cause discomfort to inhabitants.  It can also result in high operating costs due to recurring maintenance needs.

Biyang’s balancing dampers fix pressure imbalances through adjusting the blades.  When air pressure is checked and settled, balancing dampers blades are locked in.  Designed to provide perfect air pressure balance at all times.  Biyang’s balancing dampers will save you lots of bucks in the long run.  Constructed using high-grade, 100% raw materials to ensure the longevity of products is unquestionable.  Provides 100% air-leak free performance for optimum balancing of air pressure throughout your property.  Composed of high heat resistant mediums keeping your ventilation system away from potential occurrence of fire.

We manufacture our pressure balancing dampers to suit all kinds of HVAC systems air exhaust and intakes.  Whether for commercial use, industrial or residential properties, Biyang’s balancing dampers are certain to be of help to enhance your property’s airflow pressure.  Coping with varieties of applications in the HVAC industry, we ensure to equip ourselves with the latest tools to produce customized product designs.  Though having dampers that will most of the traditional design ventilation ducts, Biyang doesn’t count out custom configurations.  From round manual balancing damper to rectangular balancing damper powered by remote, Biyang has it all for you.

Being the backbone of the company, product quality should not be compromised at all costs.  From picking the right materials that will maximize every product functionality to actual fabrication that guarantees to meet stringent standards established, we ensure the product will be produced just as advertise or better.  Biyang facilities are manned with industry-leading engineers and staff, responsible for maintaining the process so mass-producing units is also not an issue to us.

Settle for nothing less than the best, Biyang will be your HVAC manufacturer for years and your reliable partner for your quality air needs.

ProductBalancing Damper
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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