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Back Draft Damper

  • Leak resistant
  • Long service lifespan
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Attaches tightly to duct fittings
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Perfect-fit components, ensuring proper adherence to the duct sizes

Lined together with the best ductwork manufacturers in China and across the globe, Biyang ensures to deliver solid solutions to any kind of HVAC system trouble you have.  Our products include major types of ventilation ducts and fittings.  Being in the industry for over 10 years, our expertise and products have been used to over 1,000 high-profile both abroad and local.

Understanding ventilation is not everyone’s forte but a necessity for everybody.  Having a comfortable air system has been a must for almost every household and establishments nowadays and deserves to be paid with closer attention.  Inhabitants from a close space tend to share unhealthy air, bacteria, and other factors of air that is unhealthy for human when letting loose.  A backdraft damper is one of the minutes and key components allowing your ventilation system to function properly.  A backdraft damper allows the contaminated air to freely flow outside of the property but prevents it from coming back.  They stop the cold air from coming inside to give your home a more comfortable temperature.

When replacing a backdraft damper, there are many factors to consider.  Some of them include system velocity and back pressure requirements, mounting orientation and airflow direction, mounting configuration, damper operation (motorized or gravity), and start-open pressure.  We manufacture (standard) dampers using galvanized steel and aluminum blades with seals giving it better resistance to corrosion for better product longevity.  Featuring lightweight, heavy-duty materials made the units easy to carry for easy installation and removal when required.  No special tools required for installation and removal.  It provides an efficient function of removing contaminated airflow keeping interiors having fresh air at all times.

The backdraft dampers are commonly installed in commercial and industrial environments.  They are usually situated in a bathroom exhaust system, clothes dryer vents, kitchen range hoods, and microwaves.  Gravity damper or the backdraft damper is essential to keeping healthy airflow through the vent system, allowing only a good quality air to pass and be circulated inside your home.

The comprehensive product line at an available price.  That is how we work at Biyang. From diffusers, HVAC duct fittings, and ventilation duct units, you name it.  Biyang’s production capacity is numbered to over 1,000 different units per day ensuring to cover big projects that require swift installation.  We also offer a special set-up team for projects overseas to help you with the HVAC work.

As your one-stop-shop and damper manufacturer, the Biyang backdraft damper category includes several designs that will give benefit to your specific applications.  Such as parallel dampers and opposed blade damper, butterfly damper, motorized damper and regulating damper, rectangular and round backdraft damper for your choose.  Using the best tools and pieces of machinery of the industry, Biyang is also capable of producing customized products, from materials to design, you are certain to receive products that will not disappoint.

Considered one of the best HVAC products manufacturers, Biyang is dedicated only to supply you with honest and reliable air system products.  Partner with us now.  Call our customer support and get a free sample quote.

ProductBack Draft Damper
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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