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Aluminum Foil Tape

  • High Quality Aluminum
  • Powerful Adhesive
  • Easy Release Paper

Biyang is one of the most trusted aluminum tape foil manufacturers for ductwork applications.  Engineered to offer consistent quality, Biyang aluminum foil tape provides superior bonding and long staying power.

Aluminum foil tape is the most preferred sealing and patching material for ducts.  It has the ability to withstand different conditions, resulting in durable seals.

The self adhesive aluminium foil tape made by Biyang suits a wide range of surfaces, environments, and duct types.  The tape fits both mild and harsh environments, providing versatility and offering unique adhesion properties.

Biyang makes high temperature foil tape that you can use in hot air systems.  The tapes also suit cold air systems, providing effective bonding for a long period of time.

Biyang foil tapes are a quality aluminum for superior resistance to damage.  The aluminum stands up to heat, UV light degradation, and a wide range of corrosive chemicals.  It is also flame retardant and resistant to cracks, tears, and other forms of damage.

To ensure reliable seals, Biyang uses carefully formulated adhesives to make aluminum foil tape.  The adhesives stick to a broad variety of surfaces and remain highly effective in different temperature conditions.

Every aluminum foil tape from Biyang features a quick release paper to protect the adhesive surface.  That makes the tape easy to use, especially when sealing large surfaces.

Our aluminum foil tape fits different applications and works in both hot and cold air systems.  That means a broad range of options, making our tapes to stand out from the others.

Biyang manufactures reinforced aluminium foil tape that withstands cracking, tearing, and heat damage.  You can use it from to seal your flexible duct, metal ducting, general repair work, and various other applications with exceptional results.

HVAC aluminum tape from Biyang offers lasting staying power and helps to protect the home heating system from leaks.  We have aluminum tape to meet specific usage.  In addition to the standard tapes, Biyang also manufactures custom ducting tapes to meet customer needs.

Biyang manufacturing facilities are large enough to accommodate large scale manufacturing.  We also have in house experts to guide every process to make aluminum tape and other ducting products.

To serve every client’s needs, Biyang makes aluminium foil tapes that suit a wide range of conditions.  We have different tape gauges, adhesive types, and various other design differences to address application requirements.

Biyang is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of high quality aluminum foil tape.  Over time, we have taken steps to ensure we stay ahead when it comes to foil tape technology.

We use premium raw materials and latest foil manufacturing techniques to ensure our products provide unmatched performance.

At Biyang, we have products for all your ductwork requirements.  Besides foil tape, other products in our inventory include flexible dryer duct, flexible heating duct, rain louvers, door vents, and ducted range hoods.

Ordering for HVAC aluminum tape, furnace foil tape, tape for other uses from Biyang is simple and straightforward.  We have customer representatives to help you along, and our deliveries are timely.

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ProductAluminum Foil Tape
MaterialAluminium Foil
Thickness50mic, 60mic, 80mic
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