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Aluminum Flexible Duct

  • Easy to bend, and can bear repeated bending
  • Fire material and structure, passing Australia AS/NZSS 1530.3 Fire Testing
  • Suitable to be used in many venting applications

Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct, also named Aluminium Flexible Ducting, Flexible Aluminum Tubing, or Aluminium Flexible Duct Pipe, is made of aluminum foil outside, a polyester film in middle and galvanized steel wire or stainless steel helix wire inside.  It is light in weight, elastic in length, and suitable to be used in low and medium pressure heating and air conditioning(HVAC) systems.

Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct can be easily cut based on the length of the actual situation without complicated tools.  With top-grade aluminum foils, this duct is fire resistant and can work properly between -20℃ to 120℃ temperature.  Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct has passed AS/NZS1530.3, the Australia fire rating testing.  Please feel free to ask for testing report.

If you are requesting for a higher fire resistant standards, a black polyester core can be applied inside which is self-extinguishing.  This makes it suitable to transfer both hot and cold air in complicated situations.  With helix structure, the aluminum is strongly bonded to the steel wire.

In addition, the steel wire inside is either galvanized or stainless steel, which is rust resistant.  This guarantees the smooth flow of clean air.  For tough environments, Biyang also provides antibacterial or antimicrobial Flexible Duct to maintain the health and green air flow.

Furthermore, based on different applications, Biyang offers you options of single layer aluminum structure, double layer aluminum foil structure and also 4-ply aluminum foil lamination structure.  You can also get the right product for your specific need.  All of this can be suitable to work as the aluminum ventilation ducting, flexible aluminum dryer vent duct, kitchen exhaust duct, kitchen extractor ducting, or flexible aluminum duct for a range hood.

Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct can be made out of colored aluminum foil as well, such as the copper color, and blue color for a specific need.  In addition, Biyang also provides a special shinier aluminized coating for our duct which is widely used in high requirements for heat transfer and sunlight reflection applications.

As a professional Aluminum Flexible Duct supplier, Biyang has Aluminum Flexible Ducts for all common duct sizes, from 1.5” to 28”.  The following flexible duct sizes are the most popular, 2-inch flexible duct, 6-inch flexible duct, 8-inch flexible duct, 16-inch flexible duct, and 24-inch flexible duct.  Biyang offers the custom making for Aluminum Flexible Duct, such as aluminum Rectangular Flexible Duct.  ODM or OEM is all warmly welcomed.

Biyang has different packings to fit your different demands of shipping, such as pallet packing for safe shipping and easy unloading, small ducting into big ducting for saving space and shipping cost and so on.

Please tell us your specific needs, and Biyang will give you the right product and the best solution.

ProductAluminum Flexible Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25

Aluminum Flexible Duct: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have about aluminum flexible duct.

Whether you want to learn about replacement, benefits, features or designs – everything is in this guide.

Keep reading.

What is Aluminum Flexible Duct?

It refers to a type of passage or conduit designed from aluminum material used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to deliver and remove air.

In some instances, it is referred to as aluminum flex duct and comes in varying lengths and diameters.

This unit is an integral element in HVAC system since it offers a convenient method to attach supply air outlets to reasonably rigid ductwork.

Aluminum flexible duct

Aluminum flexible duct

Which Types of Aluminum Flexible Duct are available?

Aluminum flex duct is available in two major types; which include the following;

Insulated– It refers to a type of aluminum flex duct with covered with a specific material as a way of preventing heat loss from the duct system.

It is an essential component since it helps in reducing space heating as well as costs related to cooling energy.

Overall, it plays a vital role in improving indoor comfort, reducing moisture condensation on surfaces.

Non-insulated – It is the design of this component, which does not necessarily require any form of material to cover its surface.

It works effectively when installed in specific areas within a particular building.

It is designed to ensure it offers optimum performance in surfaces installed.

What are the Properties of Aluminum Flexible Duct?

This component is relatively popular in various applications as a result of its wide-ranging inherent features.

It is such properties, which make it highly effective since it enhances the overall quality of the unit.

Some of these intrinsic features include the following;

Lightweight – It is relatively lightweight compared to other units made of different materials, which offer the same solutions.

Definitely, this is advantageous because it enhances convenience, especially when it comes to handling and installation.

Versatile – You can always use aluminum flex duct in various forms of surfaces within a building.

In essence, it is not necessarily designed to be fitted in a specific place.

Instead, you can install it in areas such as ceiling, within walls, and chases, among others.

Durable – The type of material used for manufacturing this component is resilient and can withstand a wide range of punishment.

It thus indicates it can last for as many years as possible as long as there is proper maintenance.

Expandable – Since the component is flexible, it makes it easy for you to expand it to a reasonable length.

Of course, this is critical because it enables you to use it even on surfaces with complicated structures or designs.

Easy to install – You do not necessarily need a professional to fix this component on the specific surface.

It comes with a user manual, which makes it easier for a DIY installation.

What is the Use of Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Aluminum flexible duct system

Aluminum flexible duct system

Aluminum flexible duct is used in different designs of HVAC systems.

The main purpose of this equipment is to link the heating and cooling system ductwork to the air distribution.

It is then installed in various types of buildings including commercial, residential, and industrial.

Primarily, this equipment is used for conveying air in cooling and heating systems throughout the building.

Secondly, flexible aluminum duct is also used in electric dryers in several households.

In this instance, it helps in and expelling moist air from the clothes.

And since aluminum does not rust, it makes it a perfect choice for dryer system when it comes to enhancing its efficiency.

How much does Aluminum Flexible Duct Cost?

Generally, the price for aluminum flexible duct cost is relatively dependent on quite a number of factors.

First, the specific aluminum alloy used on the equipment determines the amount you pay to acquire this component.

High-grade aluminum alloy is costlier compared to a somewhat inferior alloy.

The other elements, which defines the cost of this component, is whether you are purchasing locally or importing.

Besides, the latter will be a bit expensive since you’ll have to incur cost related to shipping and other duty charges.

Also, the specific design of aluminum flex duct is another determinant of its cost.

If you go for customized design, which is quite apparent, you’ll spend much more compared to purchasing standard designs.

Moreover, the particular supplier you are purchasing this component from also determines its cost.

Some manufacturers often offer better deals depending on the MOQ and other related terms.

Therefore, you need to ensure you compare prices from different suppliers as a way of getting better rates.

So, in other words, there is absolutely no fixed cost for aluminum flexible duct.

What is the Ideal Diameter for Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Different diameters of aluminum flexible duct

Varying diameters of aluminum flexible duct

The suitable diameter for aluminum flexible duct is dependent on the size of the equipment.

And this is directly determined by the application of this equipment.

In most instances, you’ll notice some aluminum flexible ducts are designed to regulate air in somewhat large buildings.

Such units will require bigger diameters compared to others, which are engineered for small-scale applications.

The other determining factor for this component is the amount of air it is projected to regulate.

Some are designed to regulate high-pressure air, whereas others are meant for moderate air pressure.

In general, therefore, the actual diameter for this component is determined by its specific size as well as the amount of air pressure.

How Long does Aluminum Flexible Duct Last?

Ideally, aluminum is one of the strongest materials you can ever find around.

It has superior resistance to various environmental, mechanical as well as chemical elements.

In other words, it can withstand a wide range of elements without necessarily degrading nor distorting.

Even so, the general durability of this component is dependent on the specific conditions it is subjected to.

Additionally, it is also based on the maintenance routine undertaken on it on a regular basis.

But in general, if all factors remain constant, aluminum flexible duct can last for as many years of up to about 25 years.

The most important aspect in determining the overall longevity of this component is ensuring you prevent different elements such as leakage among others.

What is the Difference between Aluminum Flexible Duct and Aluminum Metal Duct?

There is a thin line between these two types of units, which you need to understand perfectly since they have great variance.

And knowing the difference is also fundamental because it puts you in position of determining the most suitable one for your specific needs.

In regards to flexibility, aluminum flex duct seems to be better, especially for the prevailing trunk and branch heating and cooling systems.

Of course, it is relatively more flexible and highly versatile.

Aluminum metal duct, on the other hand, is somewhat rigid as a result of the nature of this particular aluminum material.

Even so, it offers high efficiency when it comes to entire air distribution systems.

Aluminum metal duct

Aluminum metal duct

When it comes to durability, aluminum metal duct ranks higher than aluminum flex duct.

Of course, the metal duct is sturdier and has more resistance to environmental and mechanical elements compared to flexi duct.

So metal duct is often used to offer more or less permanent solutions to particularly for commercial HVAC system.

Therefore, the former tends to last relatively more than the latter, given it can withstand different harsh and extreme conditions.

In terms of price, metal duct is seemingly more expensive than flexi duct for obvious reasons.

For one, the manufacturing, transportation, and installation cost for aluminum metal duct are quite higher compared to aluminum flex duct.

Hence making it somewhat expensive in general.

Regarding installation and maintenance, the metal duct is seemingly quite complicated and requires high expertise to effectively fix on the surface.

Aluminum flex duct, on the other hand, is somehow simple to install as well as maintaining.

Can you Clean Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Absolutely correct!

Cleaning aluminum flexible duct is one of the best and highly recommended maintenance routines.

It enhances the efficiency, functionality as well as the overall longevity of this equipment.

Some of the fundamental aspects of cleaning this component include the following;

  • You need to fill your bucket using warm water and recommended dish detergent. Find a vacuum cleaner, several rags as well as a flashlight.
  • Take off the cover by sliding off, levering off or screwing off depending on the design of the aluminum flexible duct.

In most instances, user manual will always come in handy and assist you in determining how it is done.

  • Set up a stable surface and place the component on a relatively raised object such as a stool.

The surface where you lay the object should be flat.

  • Now use your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt from the flexible aluminum duct. The essence of using a vacuum is because it offers sufficient pressure, and it is also portable.

It thus makes it easy for you to effectively use it in cleaning all the elements of this component.

  • Now take the rag and use it to wipe down all the interior surfaces of this unit. The rag should be moist with warm water and detergent mix and allow it to dry before re-fixing the cover.

In this regard, you can either choose to seek services of a professional cleaning company or better still do it as a DIY project.

What are the Benefits of Aluminum Flexible Duct?

It is relatively easy to install; you do not necessarily require specialized knowledge to fix this component on the respective surface.

This, of course, is vital because it enables you to cut on cost, especially if you are handling a DIY project.

It is relatively affordable; most of the aluminum flexible duct designs are quite affordable to purchase, transport as well as install.

The essence of this is it makes it possible for you to save a considerable amount of money, particularly in you are purchasing a large quantity.

It is safe; in case of any emergency such as fire, there are hardly cases of toxic gas emissions hence making it hazard-free.

You can always find it in a wide range of designs.

In many instances, you can find this component in customized or standard designs depending on your preference.

How do you Install Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Flexible aluminum ducting

Flexible aluminum ducting

Generally, the installation technique for aluminum flexible duct is dependent on the design of the unit, and the specific location it is fixed.

However, for basic installation process involves joining the flexible duct to the particular air vents.

This is easily attainable by sliding the duct over the installation collar, which is on the vent.

The next thing you need to do is to seal the vent appropriately using duct tape and a relatively large zip tie.

So if there is a need for connecting the flex ducts, you can choose to slide the ends of the equipment over a suitable diameter rigid metal collar.

Once this is over you, then need to seal the connecting by using a duct sealing tape.

The most important element in this kind of installation is to have all the necessary tools for the task, and you’ll be good to go.

Also, you have to ensure you install the component appropriately since it is the ultimate determinant of its efficiency and functionality.

What is the Standard Length for Aluminum Flexible Duct?

According to ISO standards, the recommended standard length for aluminum flexible duct is 10 meters for all sizes with the exception of 18” dia.

Flexible aluminum duct

Flexible aluminum duct

Is Aluminum Flexible Duct UV Resistant?

Not necessarily.

It is always recommended to protect aluminum flexible duct from direct sunlight always.

In essence, UV rays tend to weaken the molecules of this unit, especially after prolonged exposure.

This can be critical because it degrades or deteriorates the quality of this unit and ultimately rendering it ineffective.

When should you Replace Aluminum Flexible Duct?

The ideal time for replacing the aluminum flexible duct is dependent on the overall condition of the unit.

Some tend to wear out relatively fast whereas other last for longer depending on the prevailing conditions it is subjected to.

If all factors remain constant, it would be appropriate to replace this equipment after using for about 15 years.

In most instances, by the time this unit hits 15 years, it starts to deteriorate substantively, thus reducing the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Additionally, it is also recommended to replace your aluminum flexible duct once you start noticing a few defects or signs.

For instance, improper size, evaporative cooler, consistent leaks, and too many wye splits are some of the defects, which could lead to the need for replacing this component.

How do you Determine Leakage in Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Aluminum flexible duct leakage is a serious element when it comes to the efficiency and overall performance of this unit.

Some of the common signs indicating a possibility of leakage in this component include:

  • Constant dusty home
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling
  • Exorbitant bills most of the time

It is thus important to determine and contain it appropriately.

One of the best ways of finding out leakage on this component involves the following steps

  • Determine the obvious tears on the surface material of this component
  • Ensure your HVAC system is turned on to full blast
  • Now look at all the duct joints keenly
  • Get and incense and light it. You can as well consider lighting a smoke pencil.
  • If there are any leaks you have found so far, ensure you seal all of them.
  • Use a fog machine to reinforce the seals.

What Factors do you Consider when Buying Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Aluminum flexible duct system

Aluminum flexible duct system

It is always necessary to consider various factors when purchasing this unit, especially if it is, you are a first-timer.

Besides, it is an ideal way of ensuring you get the best component, which meets the required specifications surrounding your project.

Some of the elements to put into consideration include the following;

Area of installation – Aluminum flexi ducts can be installed on different surfaces.

It thus implies there is a need for ensuring you get a specific design, which can fit into the area appropriately.

Some of the aspects to look into in this case include the size, space, and perhaps length, among others.

Customization requirements – It is also necessary to ensure you consider the extent of customizations you require.

Some would require a relatively simple personalization, whereas others would go for comparatively complex customization.

Whichever the case, ensure you consider and make it deliberate to the supplier.

Type of material – Of course, aluminum flexible duct is available in different grades of materials.

You need to determine the suitable material based on your needs, as well as your budget.

Cost – It is also vital to look into the pricing model of this component when purchasing it.

Some are a bit costly, whereas others can be somewhat affordable.

Some manufacturers also provide better deals depending on the MOQ or related context.

Brand – It is always fundamental to look into a specific brand of this component whenever you are purchasing one.

Of course, many suppliers are available nowadays in the market, and finding the best one can be challenging.

Even so, it is ideal to go for a reputable and reliable brand, which has stood a test of time.

What is the Essence of Insulating Aluminum Flexible Duct?

It is a critical aspect because it helps in making sure air traveling through the duct system maintains the desired temperature throughout.

Of course, this is important and also helps in attaining the overall ideal experience when using this component.

Additionally, insulating aluminum flexible duct is also necessary since it prevents possible leakage within the system.

In this case, it enables you to save on high utility bills, which often arise as a result of wasted energy from a leaking duct system.

Insulation saves between 10-30% of energy utilized in cooling or heating your building.

Also, insulation prevents condensation build-up within the duct system.

Of course, this is significant since it enhances the overall performance of the component.

What are the Available Insulation Options for Aluminum Flexible Duct?

The most common insulation option for this equipment is fibreglass.

It is popular, easy to replace, cost-effective and easy to install.

The other option you can as well consider is reflectix.

It is lightweight and made up of foil faces on the outside and does not have risks of moisture issues.

How do you Determine the Size Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Ideally, there is always a computer software, which you can always consider to enable you to figure out the duct size.

Even so, it is always important to have certain standards in mind, which revolves around the use of this equipment.

Can you Connect Aluminum Flexible Duct to Metal Duct?

Absolutely correct!

Naturally, aluminum flexible duct tends to be incredibly pliable.

It thus means you can easily fit in in any type of surface. So it is quite easy to connect it with a metal duct.

What is R-value in Aluminum Flexible Duct?

It essentially refers to the thermal resistance of an aluminum flexible duct.

Ideally, when you have a component with higher R-value, it simply indicates it has better insulating material.

In many instances, the R-Value for aluminum flex duct tends to vary depending on several circumstances.

And this could include the energy code, which is enforced.

What are the Recommended R-values for Aluminum Flexible Duct?

The recommended minimum R-value for this unit is R4.2.

Even so, this is dependent on the specific type of aluminum flexi duct since some can even range to R8.0.

Can you Get Custom-made Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Most definitely!

Nowadays, most suppliers often produce customized aluminum flex duct.

The main reason for this aspect is different clients have varied requirements as far as their projects are concerned.

So it becomes easy for them to provide the specifications of their preferred designs to enable the supplier to customize accordingly.

Is Aluminum Flexible Duct Tested for Mold Growth and Humidity?

Most definitely!

All the relevant agencies are involved in testing mold growth and humidity to ensure they are fit for the market.

What are the Disadvantages of Aluminum Flexible Duct?

Length limitation; the standard length for this component is 10 meters for most of the sizes.

This can limit you, especially if you are working on large scale project since you’ll need to connect the joints hence posing leakage risks.

The other disadvantage is this component in some instances tend to be relatively costly compared to other material offering similar solutions.

How can you order for Aluminum Flexible Duct?

There is a myriad of ways you can always use to make your order for aluminum flexible duct.

In most instances, this is dependent on the specific supplier you are purchasing from since most of them use different platforms.

The most common way is to always visit the online platform for the preferred supplier.

Most of them have integrated their systems to allow customers to evaluate, choose, and make an order from the comfort of their homes or business.

Several of these manufacturers and dealers also sell these items through third-party online vendors.

The other ideal method is to make a phone call.

You can always do a basic search on the internet and find the telephone contacts of the specific supplier.

This makes it easy for you to get in direct and instant communication with the specific sales representatives hence making it more convenient.

You can as well choose to draft an email then send it to the respective aluminum flexible duct supplier.

The good thing with this technique is it allows you to provide detailed specifications you require for this component in writing.

And in other instances, you can as well choose to pay a visit and make your order.

What Quality Standards does Aluminum Flexible Duct Conform to?

Flexible aluminum duct system

Flexible aluminum duct system

They are quite a number and of course essential since they guarantee the quality and safety of this component.

Some of the common standards include the following;

UL – It refers to Underwriters Laboratories, an agency mandated to test different aspects of this component revolving around suitability and installation standards.

It is also a critical standard in testing mold growth and humidity in this component.

ISO 9001 – It is a popular international organization that approves the manufacturer’s ability to consistently offer quality equipment, which meets the regulatory and customer requirements.

ASTM – This is another fundamental standard for aluminum flexible duct.

It creates and publishes deliberate consensus technical standards for this and other products to conform to.

So conformity of this component to ASTM standards is an indication of its suitability to use in various applications.

SGS – It is another critical quality standard, which this component has to conform to.

This standard helps to provide scrutiny, confirmation, analysis, and accreditation of the component’s suitability to the market and legal requirements.

CE – It is also an important certification agency, which shows the conformity of the equipment to environmental, health, and safety protection standards.

Now, with the information in this guide, definitely you can choose a suitable aluminum flexible duct for your HVAC system.

However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our engineers.

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