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Acoustic Access Panel

  • Easy to install
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight sound-absorbing material
  • Ideal for corrosive environments

Located in China, Biyang boasts the unique difference we bring to our ceiling access panels.  Our dedication to manufacturing high quality makes us the premier choice for among engineers, architects, interior designers and construction companies.  We operate according to the best interests of our customers and we strive hard to meet the evolving demands of our customers.

Acoustic Access panels make it easier to inspect, maintain and repair critical areas of a building.  They are designed to insulate sound passing through access points, making them ideal for use in environments that needs sound containment.  They are compact and lightweight and are the best solution for sound insulated environments.  Ceiling trap doors and panels make it easier to inspect, repair and maintain critical parts of a building.  They are designed to minimize any unsightly wirings and plumbing in the surrounding structure.  Fitted with high density gasket and sound absorbing plasterboard for complete sound isolation, our Acoustic Access Panels are made to be compact and lightweight and are the best solution for sound insulation environments.

The Acoustical Ceiling Access Door is designed to provide entry in hidden areas that needs technical repair and maintenance services.  It features the same rugged construction in order to maintain the fire-resistant barrier like fire rated ceiling access panel.  It is also possible to mount the outside where there is no contact with the elements.  The access plates can either be coated or metal cladding is an ideal installation option to add extra insulation as well as security and sound insulation.

Biyang Acoustical Access Doors and Panels are designed to provide effective and security access to critical areas in ceilings and walls for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications.  Offering a sturdy panel design with wire-resistant properties, Biyang’s acoustic access panels are the superior choice for locations where sound insulation are necessary.  Perfect for both residential and other multi-story projects, our acoustical access panels enable easy access to electrical, plumbing, and other building systems.

Located in China, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest equipment, joined together with a dedicated workforce, and a designated Research and Development department.  As a manufacturer of ceiling panels, our plant covers 15,000 sq. ft. of hectare and has been recognized as ISO9001 and TS1494 certified company.

  • Our company has more than 25 years of experience
  • Quality assured products
  • Cost-effective products
  • Fastest shipping time

Through the integration of Research and Development department, our company is able to produce top-of-the-line quality of acoustic access panels and custom access panels.  All Biyang products meets the environmental trends and ever-changing market demand.  Biyang has gained an excellent reputation for its products and services to many regions around the world.  These are made possible through the collaborative effort of our dedicated employees under the 15,000 sq. ft. world-class manufacturing plant.

We offer a broad selection of standard access panel sizes as well as custom access panels.  If you need a custom panel, please give us a call and speak with one of our Biyang Customer Sales Support Reps.  If you would like more details about the unique benefits of our products, you may visit our page and navigate through the friendly product overviews.

ProductAcoustic Access Panel
Size20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm, or customized as required
MaterialAluminum, galvanized Steel, stainless steel, ABS
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