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AC Plenum Box

  • Low-noise
  • High impermeability
  • Stable and balance the airflow
  • Custom made possible
  • Used for a variety of heating, venting and air conditioning applications

Biyang is a premier distributor and a plenum box manufacturer.  Our portfolio also includes different types of ventilation ducts, HVAC fittings, HVAC diffusers, and other necessities of HVAC systems.

In heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC), the ac plenum is a box or a chamber that connects ductworks (HVAC system).  It serves an important role in returning, distributing, supplying, and removing air.  The mixing of fresh and returning air mostly happens inside the ac plenum box.

Typically, the HVAC system uses two types of air plenum boxes, which are the ac return box and the supply plenum.

  • Return plenum box – functioning as it takes the used air, sends them back to the HVAC system core.  The air is recycled and later on, send as fresh air.
  • Supply plenum box –this type of duct plenum box takes in new cooled or heated air from the air-conditioning system or the heater, it then distributes collected air throughout the property.

Ac plenum box is usually connected using the flexible duct connector of canvas or similar mediums to abate vibration when operating.  Plenum box can be seen with numbers of ducts connected to it using take-offs of different types.

Different types of plenum boxes serve a unique function.  But they both bring the advantage of eliminating costly jobs.  Plenum box is self-sustaining which removes balancing labor and is cheaper to install saving you lots of money throughout the box lifespan.  Biyang’s ac plenum box is strictly manufactured using high-grade materials to ensure unquestionable durability.  Our plenum boxes are certain to provide your HVAC system many years of service.  We manufacture ac plenum boxes of all types and sizes that will fit your HVAC plenum design.  We ensure the perfect fitment of the box every time.  This is to help you enhance air quality to your establishment and deliver comfort for your property’s inhabitants.

We manufacture different plenum box-sizing.  Large plenums to be used in commercial establishments combining outside air with the air circulating inside the sheet metal ductwork.  Small plenum boxes for basic properties and commercial work, where a metal connects with diffusers.  Manufacturers there is, Biyang ensures to provide you with many options.  As mentioned above, we do custom plenum box designs from different sizes to materials preferred by clients.  Situated in a different country, we make sure to consider varieties of climate and applications to where our ac plenum box will be applied.  With these, our plenum box catalog continues to grow and offer future consumers comprehensive options of plenum chambers including sheet metal plenum box made from aluminum, galvanized steel, and/or stainless steel.

Aside from diverse product lines we have, the company also offer plenum box price that is much lower than you usual HVAC manufacturers.  We are a manufacturing company recognized not only with quality air system products but also without on-time delivery.  If you are a project manager looking for a supplier that can do swift product transport, you are the right place.

Connect with us through our support hotline and be assisted by our experts.  We do free quotations and consultation to what is the best type of which to purchase for your specific project.

ProductAC Plenum Box
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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