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As a professional ventilation duct and fittings supplier, Biyang have been in HVAC Industry for more than 10 years

Until now, Biyang products are widely used more than 1000 famous projects home and abroad.  Among them, there are spiral ducts used for National Exhibition and Convention Center. Spiral ducts, duct fittings, and aluminum flexible ducts used for Disney Shanghai.  For each project, based on our rich experiences, we take the actual environment and climate into the consideration, and select different materials and specifications to provide the most cost effective and durable products.  For projects overseas, we also provide special setting up team to the site to help customers to do the HVAC work.

Biyang people always attach importance to the variety of products and specifications to facilitate customer’s one-stop solution.  For flexible ducts, we have the aluminum flexible ducts, flexible pvc ducting, insulation flexible duct, non insulated flexible duct, acoustic ducting, semi rigid aluminum duct, combined duct and so on.  In addition, we have also added the metal ducting into our category, like the stainless steel ducting, galvanized spiral duct and so on.  Besides, different fittings and connectors are provided to meet customers’ demand like the hose clamps, duct connectors, duct sleeves, air duct boot and so on.

Besides the standard product categories, customized designing is always our concern for our customers.  In different locations and climates, different materials and specifications products are required.  Take our customer in Japan for example. All their materials should be JIS standards.  Each duct is tested to ensure no water leaking standards. The different requirements from our customers have helped us expand our ducting product categories, enhance innovation capabilities and improve product quality

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